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Jong Sook Nee, Editor

Jong Sook has spent many years of her practice devoted to understanding all aspects of redevelopment in New Jersey.  Her years in public finance have assisted her in understanding project finance issues, which are often at the core of most redevelopment projects.  Her experience in commercial lending transactions and real estate are also essential.   Her work with the State of New Jersey and representation of both public and private entities have provided her with broad perspective that has allowed her to develop a holistic, solutions-approach to redevelopment.  As editor of this blog, Jong Sook will provide commentary on redevelopment as it develops in New Jersey.

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Edward J. McManimon, III, Contributor

As a founding member of McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC, Ed’s experience with governmental entities provides his redevelopment practice with depth and insight that are unique and essential in this practice area. Ed has worked on redevelopment projects from all aspects and understands the balance of interests and elements that are crucial to the success of redevelopment projects of any scale. As a periodic contributor to this blog, Ed will provide his insight and thoughts on the evolution and development of the redevelopment practice in New Jersey.

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Joseph P. Baumann, Jr., Contributor

An attorney for over two decades, Joe often focuses on large, complex projects requiring a multi-disciplined, yet focused approach. Joe’s experience with sophisticated lenders and long-standing representation of municipalities and authorities provide him with the perspective and expertise to complete multifaceted projects. His ability to balance stakeholder concerns, multiple levels of government and complicated financing tools has given him the creativity to develop innovative solutions to some of the premier redevelopment projects within the State. Joe will provide his commentary on issues that impact the implementation of redevelopment throughout the State.

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Jennifer L. Credidio, Contributor

Jennifer L. Credidio is a limited partner in the law firm of McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC, specializing in redevelopment law and public finance. Ms. Credidio’s redevelopment practice encompasses both the financial and planning elements of the redevelopment process, from the designation of a redevelopment area and the negotiation of a redevelopment agreement, to the negotiation of financial agreements governing payments in lieu of taxes and the issuance of redevelopment area bonds. She has also served as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel and trustee’s counsel for a number of tax-exempt and taxable governmental bond issues.

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William W. Northgrave, Contributor

Bill’s extensive experience in the public sector and private practice in litigation have proved invaluable to his redevelopment practice.  His familiarity with public policy and understanding of all aspects of litigation, including ethics, provide a strong foundation on which he draws to guide clients through redevelopment as it evolves in New Jersey.  Bill serves as redevelopment counsel to a number of clients throughout the state and has successfully defended challenges to redevelopment projects for his clients.  As a contributor to this blog, Bill will provide commentary on the issues affecting the practice of redevelopment from his perspective.

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